NM Fire Relief

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez Donates art to help New Mexicans.  

  • 3 NFT releases
  • Event winners free art classes
  • Participate in drop parties. 
  • NFT development Education
  • Original Art with NFT certificate of authenticity “COA”
  • UPDATES coming

“Art presents itself with a certain kind of energy proceeding from our innermost being where logic nor intellect can be art. At the present time, there are many people who believe themselves to be artists, just because they are able to paint on a piece of fabric. Art demands discipline and dedication. Art is the most beautiful way to express the talents that people have inherited; that is why it should not be taken as a means of satisfying the “ego”, nor a “pose” in regard to society. Consequently, Art should only have one purpose in mind: to create. ~ Ricardo Chavez-Mendez ~

NFT Launch

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez NFT Launch

  • Purchase Fire 1 or Fire 2 and 90% of your contribution goes to NM Fire Relief Program.
  • Be first in line for the special release of Girasol Dinamico

NM Fire Relief Program

  • Would you like to help the NM residents that lost their homes, farm life, and more in NM’s largest wildfire?

NM Fire Relief

Catch the 505 release of Fire line 1 and be one of the first to get access to the special release event of Girasol Dinamico.

Invite only release of Giraso Dinamico “SunFlower”


This fire relief project is to provide funding for the hundreds of families in New Mexico who lost their homes, farm life and so much more!

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